Working in the innovation teams

Participation in IN4climate.NRW is open to all businesses operating in the industrial sector in NRW. We welcome additional support for our shared challenge of building a climate-friendly future. Discover opportunities to get involved and further information here.

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Creative work in innovation teams

Together, the representatives of the individual partners are forming innovation teams: the central pillars of IN4climate.NRW. They are generating ideas for how production processes and value chains can be put on a sustainable climate-neutral footing and how the industrial sector can contribute to the development of climate-friendly products.

The innovation teams create “thinking spaces” in which to engage in discussions about visions for the future away from day-to-day business. This is an ongoing, creative working process involving regular workshops.

Participating Companies

Scientific support

The scientific competence centre SCI4climate.NRW, which comprises six prominent research institutes in the state, provides scientific support and investigates the options for the development and organisation of a climate-neutral and future-proof primary sector.

About SCI4climate.NRW

Head office

The driving force behind IN4climate.NRW is its Head Office, which coordinates all of its organisational activities. It links the initiative into national and international networks, identifies funding opportunities for innovations and publicises the platform’s work and findings.

Strategy Board and Advisory Boards

The process is also supported by a Strategy Board, which is organised at board and ministerial level and provides overall strategic and political direction. The work of the innovation teams is also given strategic assistance by the Management Advisory Board, which in turn receives support from the Scientific Advisory Board. Finally, the Economic Advisory Board provides ongoing guidance – especially on matters involving the discussion of political and regulatory frameworks.

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