16.09.2020 | Zoom-Webinar

IN4climate.NRW – creating innovations for a decarbonised industry

As part of the digital conference “Industrial Efficiency – Decarbonise Industry!” organised by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee), IN4climate.NRW is inviting participants to attend a side event to discuss the importance of the scientific community, business, and policy makers working together to achieve a climate-neutral future for industry.

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times. Action taken by industry to protect the climate has a critical role to play. As we transition to a climate-neutral future for the industrial sector, new innovative processes, strategies and products must be developed that will help to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From its position as a state-based initiative, IN4climate.NRW offers a platform for dialogue and collaboration where experts from the worlds of industry, science and politics come together to work on solutions for the energy-intensive primary sector in North Rhine-Westphalia. Working groups focusing on topics such as hydrogen, the circular economy, heating, policy frameworks and the CO2 economy discuss production processes and value chains and develop solutions for a climate-neutral approach. The initiative’s work is supported and overseen by the scientific competence centre SCI4climate.NRW.

By giving an insight into the practical cross-sectoral work being carried out to achieve the shared objective, IN4climate.NRW’s event will complement the main programme of the Industrial Efficiency conference, which has a largely scientific focus. Representatives of companies operating around the world will join international agencies to report on developments and discuss them with the scientific community.

The event will thereby raise the concept of IN4climate.NRW to international level, ensure further networking and dialogue across Europe and build synergies for achieving the global challenges involved in protecting the climate.


The event will be held in English.
To participate in this side event a registration to the conference is needed.


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