18.03.2019 | Brussels

Fossil-free primary industries: technology pathways and policy requirements for a successful transition

A joint event organised by the EASME, the IN4climate.NRW initiative and the REINVENT project

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The aim of this event was not only to focus on individual sectors, but also to explore opportunities for the joint ongoing development of the steel and plastics industries, among others, as well as to consider the new interrelationships that can arise when switching to a decarbonised, closed-loop carbon economy. Taking today’s understanding of technologies, systems and institutions as a starting point, future interactions between sectors will be explored, knowledge gaps identified and the potential impacts on policy-making, society and future research assessed.

The event brought together national and regional initiatives that are working to decarbonise energy-intensive branches of industry. Technology pathways and road maps are currently emerging in a wide range of sectors, including the steel, plastics, paper and cement industries. These focus on the role of electrification, carbon recycling and the utilisation of biogenic carbon, CCS and new interrelationships between the various sectors. Having first taken stock of the current level of knowledge about future options and strategies, the main thrust of the event centred on the implications for future policy-making, research and society.