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Industry 2050 – Vision of a climate-neutral future

What does the industry of the future look like? IN4climate.NRW has a clear vision: Germany's number one industrial state, North Rhine-Westphalia, will become greener, cleaner and more sustainable by 2050. The video shows how this can be achieved.


Carbon contracts: Position paper published

How can industry achieve climate protection targets without losing its competitiveness? The position paper of IN4climate.NRW shows the opportunities of carbon contracts for industrial transformation.

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Climate action starts here.

IN4climate.NRW invites you to take a look into the future and discuss the opportunities and challenges of a climate-neutral industrial future with experts from politics, science, industry and society at a digital event.

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New campaign: Climate action starts here.

At various locations in NRW, representatives of our partners are currently looking down from billboards, buses and advertising pillars in railway stations. Behind this is the current IN4climate.NRW campaign "Climate action starts here.

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Infrastructure: Europe on the way to the hydrogen economy

A functioning infrastructure is a fundamental prerequisite for a successful international hydrogen economy. We provide you with a holistic overview of existing and potential pipelines, routes and locations.

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Discussion paper on unavoidable production of­­ CO2

The discussion paper "Unavoidable production of­ CO2 in a climate-neutral primary sector in North Rhine-Westphalia - definition and criteria" creates a basis for further discussions that will drive the formation of a carbon dioxide economy forward.

Discussion paper

Position paper on the role of the expansion of renewables

With the publication of "Shaping the future of the industrial sector: the expansion of renewables at a competitive electricity prices as a key factor in climate neutrality" IN4climate.NRW-partners make a stand together for the energy transition.

Position paper

Discussion paper on the role of chemical plastics recycling

IN4climate.NRW, industrial stakeholders and scientists have jointly published a discussion paper on the potential of chemical plastics recycling for a climate-neutral chemical industry.

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Discussion paper on the role of industrial recovery

IN4climate.NRW, industrial stakeholders and scientists have jointly published a discussion paper on the pathways to a climate-neutral industrial sector in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Discussion paper

Discussion paper on the role of hydrogen

IN4climate.NRW, industrial stakeholders and scientists have jointly published a discussion paper on the promotion of hydrogen technologies for a climate neutral industry.

Discussion paper

Promoting a sustainable and climate neutral industrial sector in NRW

Maintaining competitiveness, generating growth, achieving the climate protection goals – these are IN4climate.NRW’s objectives.

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NRW Hydrogen Study

The North Rhine-Westphalia Hydrogen Study highlights the potential offered by hydrogen in a future energy system. The study was conducted by the state of NRW in conjunction with energy consultancy Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH.

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IN4climate.NRW Information booklet

In our info booklet you find alle relevant information about the initiative, the participating actors, our fields of activities as well as technologies and solutions for a climate neutral industrial sector.

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In 2020, 9,309 workers were employed in North Rhine-Westphalia’s mining industry and the extraction of non-metallic minerals.

(Source: IT.NRW)


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