Our objectives

IN4climate.NRW aims to help shape the transition to a carbon-neutral industrial sector. Future-proof technologies and innovative approaches are needed to reduce both CO2 emissions and the costs to businesses.

Transitioning to a carbon neutral industrial sector

This industrial transformation requires high levels of corporate investment and dependable backing and support from policymakers. The complexity of the task calls for a collective and cross-sector discourse with experts from the worlds of industry, science and politics – a process that is facilitated by IN4climate.NRW. In the future, this platform will generate ideas for how the industrial sector can contribute to the development of climate-friendly products and how production processes and value chains – even those spanning various branches of industry – can be made climate neutral in the long term. For example, the process gases arising during steel manufacturing can be converted into chemical products, or coking coal can be replaced with hydrogen. Both steps would greatly reduce CO2 emissions.

For industry to be carbon neutral, decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with production by means of innovative and cost-effective processes is certainly necessary. But it is also important that production be made more flexible, that it be switched over – at least in part, directly or indirectly (e.g. by using hydrogen) – to renewable energy sources and that approaches such as harnessing CO2 for industrial use be put into practice.

    Our goals and tasks:

    • To highlight key research requirements, including the identification of research and innovation fields relevant to climate-neutral industrial production
    • To develop and initiate ideas for research projects
    • To devise scientific and technical strategies to maintain the future viability of NRW as a location for industry
    • To carry out technology studies in compliance with the mandatory regulatory and political framework
    • To identify possible, consistent development steps specific to production
    • To devise innovation road maps for the implementation of springboard innovations
    • To develop and discuss financial instruments
    • To make it easier to manufacture economically viable climate friendly products

    Further information

    Info booklet

    With information about the initiative, the participating stakeholders, technologies and solutions for a climate-neutral industrial sector.

    Info booklet